Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation?

With so many options for insulation, you are probably wondering why you should choose Spray Foam for your home, or business. Although spray foam may seem expensive, the insulating power it provides will save you money on energy bills for years to come. With its air-tight seal, insulating power, energy-saving potential, moisture protection, long life-span, and positive impact on the environment, it is the smartest investment you can make. Whether it’s a new home, business, or home improvement project, we can guarantee that spray-foam will have lasting positive effects on your comfort, peace of mind, and your wallet.

Why choose Polaris?

As a CUFCA certified contractor Polaris is fully licensed for the installation of spray foam insulation and held to the high standards of the association's quality assurance program. Our commitment to the highest quality insulation and guiding our customers through the process so that they get the best solution for their home or business is what we pride ourselves on, and our certification is a symbol of that commitment.


What is Spray Foam?

Spray Foam insulation is made up of two materials, polyol and isocyanate that, when mixed, become polyurethane. When these two chemicals are mixed they react causing them to expand and harden, creating a long-lasting and energy-saving insulating layer. We spray the two chemicals out of a spray gun onto the area being insulated and as they expand, they create an airtight seal that provides the best insulation power available on the market!

Insulating power!

Resistance value, or R-Value, is a metric used to determine how air-tight insulation is. The R-Value of HFO Spray foam is ranked at R-6.3 per inch of foam. That’s the highest R-value of any product on the market! Because of this incredible insulation power spray foam has been shown to provide an average energy savings of 50%. That beats the typical 30% from other insulation options. Imagine the money you can save if you invest now in the best insulation available. You don’t need to pay interest on your insulation in the form of higher energy bills if you do it right! 

Even if it wasn't installed right the first time, we can help. We can Improve your insulation so that your house can stop bleeding heat, and your bank accounts can stop bleeding money!


Stop Mold Before it Starts

Don't leave the door open for mold. With spray foam insulation’s airtight seal you can stop the moisture from getting into your home right from the start, and because our foam is made up of an inert polymer it provides no food for mold or bacteria.


Because of the high quality, long life span, and energy savings, Spray foam is an unbeatable eco-friendly option to keep your home green. But not all foam is made Equal, which is why we use HFO foam, which reduces the impact your home has on the environment while increasing the efficiency of your insulation. For comparison The GWP, or Global Warming Potential, of HFC foam is as high as 1,430, the GWP of HFO foam is only 1! Save the world, and save money all at the same time!

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